Rainier Express was the bIrthplace of Tweny22Many and the PTSD Rescue vape Pen...

Founder, Veteran, and Advocate Patrick Seifert gave vape pens to PTSD survivors if they promised to journal about their experiences.

The PTSD rescue vape cartridge will be available for purchase at Cannabis retailers with a portion of each sale going to Twenty22Many.


The Twenty 22 Many PTSD Rescue Vape Pen will be available at retail Cannabis stores September 2017.

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The PTSD Rescue Vape Pen


Quality Parts:

·      Durable metal & glass cartridge

·      Double sealed silicone seal, NOT glue

·      Wickless cartridge

Engineered for Effectiveness:

·      Cannabinoid and terpene rich oils work together to create an "entourage effect"

·      Soil grown, pesticide free, CO2 extracted

·      Specific "day" and "night" oils chosen for their terpene and cannabinoid profile.

Product Guarantee

AO guarantees our products. We stand behind the effectiveness and quality of our products and will refund products in a manner that is compliant with Washington law.