.25oz topical gel with 7mg CBD and 7mg THC

CBD and THC cannabis oil topical gel

2oz topical gel with 60mg CBD and 60mg THC

cannabis oil topical gel

Why a Topical Gel?

(Maximize relief with no additional psychoactivity)

  • Non-psychoactive. You have Cannabinoid receptors throughout your body on nervous and immune systems cells.
  • Apply Cannabinoids directly to the skin to achieve an effect on a specific area without feeling the unwanted effects of ingesting or smoking cannabis. 
  • CPC patients often used the topical in conjunction with CPC Capsules, Tinctures, Caramels, and Suppositories as part of a structured regimen.
  • Water based gel leaves no sticky residue.
  • Available in unscented or with tea tree/eucalyptus oil blend
  • Available in extra strength and try me size.